Little more than your average mercenaries, the adventurer’s Melora, Akira, and Plakos made their home in the nice little city of Oakhaven. Having struck a deal with the owner, they made their residence in the family-friendly Moonwell Tavern. At the time, M.A.P. was a lot like the other “blades for hire” groups in town. Other than one of the members being from the far off land of Korpan, they had achieved very little in their own right. Enter Eldoran.


One day, a local wizard by the name of Eldoran asked them to go into the neighboring forest and investigate some ruins. Eldoran wanted any evidence of runes that might be present in the area and he agreed to pay them when they completed the job.

They easily followed the map he had given them and found the ruins in just a few hours. They came upon a clearing in the forest that had a dark, chilling aura about it. Man-sized pieces of stone littered the ruin. The party had little time to investigate, however, before being attacked by a small pack of wolves that had somehow been infected by the evil aura. The party made quick work of the wolves and continued their investigation. They found some large runes inscribed in the stone ruins and made note of them.

As they ventured towards the center of the clearing they came upon what remained of the ground floor of the fallen structure. They found a few potions in the wreckage of a laboratory and Plakos found one room that has survived the blast. A small, fat little demon was flying in the back of the room and commanded a pack of dire rats to attack. After defeating the rats, M.A.P. interrogated the little demon and learned that a greater evil force by the name of Kruzgug was responsible for the problems.

They made their way back to town and met up with Eldoran again. He was happily surprised with the results and the group begrudgingly agreed to work for him again sometime in the new future. Then they made their way home for a well-deserved rest.

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