A few days later, the patriarch of the Moonshadow family, the most powerful family in Oakhaven, rushed into the Moonwell looking for M.A.P. Their daughter Elyssa was under the tutelage of the powerful wizard, Numeshay, known for his centuries-long lifespan and habit of taking on a number of magical interns to assist with his research in exchange for his teaching. They said Ellysa had been sending letters weekly since she began her studies months ago, but they hadn’t heard from her for two weeks.

Dutifully excepting the task (with half the money paid up front) they began their investigation. The dwarven warrior Vali and a gnome wizard named Jenius joined up with M.A.P. for a sort of trial of membership. With Vali’s insightful searching, they were able to find a pathway through the same neighboring forest and wound up in the same ruins. The ruins were obviously what were left of Numeshay’s home. After searching the ruins for clues, they noticed a trapdoor they didn’t see before. The stench of death immediately came out of the opened door and M.A.P. was compelled to venture down into the darkness.

They came upon the horrific sight of rotting corpses with large chunks missing. Before they could look around, they were attacked by a swarm of needlefang drakes. After clearing them away, Melora noticed a fearful beast lurking in the shadows. She comforted and fed what turned out to be a spitting worm drake by the name of Neshti. Jenius teleported away and the party pressed forward. Neshti helped them get passed the wall traps in the next hallway and they found the remains of Elyssa. Unfortunately, her maimed body transformed through malevolent forces into an undead mage. It viciously attacked the party who knew her true identity only after they defeated the monster. They took her signet ring as evidence for the Moonshadows.

After a little more searching, they found a hallway with a locked door. A red, pulsing glow pulsed through the cracks surrounding the door. This was clearly the source of the evil energy. M.A.P. decided to return to town and report their findings to the Moonshadows before venturing any further.

Ellysa’s parents were very upset when they heard this news. It was not unexpected, but terrible news nonetheless. They left the room in tears leaving the party to deal with the Moonshadow’s apparent butler, an old elf with a very snippy attitude. He paid them what they were owed, but when Akira asked for a little more, the butler teleported them outside the building. He was a little upset with the whole ordeal since no one had mentioned terrible and evil forces would have to be dealt with.

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