A quiet week passed before anything exciting happened in Oakhaven. Akira passed the time making Korpanese cuisine for the patrons of the Moonwell Tavern. Melora spent that time winning over Neshti and training her to become a loyal and fierce little beast of battle. Plakos spent most of the time communicating with the otherworldy source of his power by meditating in a quiet patch of shade in the small park outside the tavern. Their newfound fame had brought guests from the neighboring towns into Oakhaven including a Dragonborn Paladin by the name of Kelgor. He wished to test his mettle and had been searching for an honest group who might help him with his quest for strength and self-improvement.

While everyone was going about their business, the sound of breaking glass caught everyone’s attention. Someone threw an explosive into the tavern. Akira and Melora made haste to put out the fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Kelgor and Plakos, both being outside at the time, caught a glimpse of the assailants as they made their escape. The culprits were two figures clad in brown armor sporting red headbands. That was all either of them could see before the attackers disappeared into a neighboring street, making their getaway.

After the mess was cleaned up, Kelgor stated his business and asked to be accepted into the group. Melora and Plakos were ready to have another member of the team, but Akira made it clear that Kelgor had to prove himself in battle before he would be accepted. A new member in their ranks, M.A.P. made the move to the next city south of Oakhaven in an attempt to catch the villains responsible for this act of vandalism.

They reached Tarrasque after a few days of travel. Tarrasque, named after the legendary beast supposedly responsible for the local geography, was a prosperous mining and trading post with more travelers than residents occupying its many inns, taverns and marketplaces. The group decided on getting a couple rooms at and inn called The Rusty Spigot after Akira and Plakos asked around for the best place in town to stay. The atmosphere of the place was what one could expect from such a town: a group of dwarves were playing cards at a table by the bar and what looked to be mostly local miners were having their lunchtime ale and swapping stories about travelers that had came and went through the town the past week.

As everyone was getting settled in, Melora caught sight of a particularly intriguing hooded man sitting on a stool next to the wall near the bar. Her curiosity was met with an eerie smile by the suspicious stranger as he extended a hand grasping a small, leather pouch in her direction. “Use it wisely,” he said to the bewildered Melora. She took the pouch and watched him seemingly disappear through the wall. Kelgor noticed the new pouch and asked her about it, so Melora opened it up to find a powerful artifact, a Deck of Many Things. A small piece of paper was also included in the bag and it provided instructions on how to properly use the item. Melora showed it to the group and they decided to test it out. Naturally, Melora decided it would be most appropriate for her to draw first. She drew the Five of Swords for her first draw and was immediately attacked by Jenius. The forces of the card manipulated Jenius’ actions and she launched her most powerful attacks in Melora’s direction. Fortunately, Kelgor was there to intervene and he knocked Jenius out, thereby canceling the spell on her. They knew right then and there that drawing from the deck was not something to be taken lightly. Melora had declared her intent to draw twice from the deck and knew she was now bound to follow through. After talking it over, now with all of them prepared, they agreed she might as well draw again right then and there. The Rusty Spigot was now watching the group carefully after the fuss Jenius made, but no one could be prepared for what happened next.

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