So I recently went on a happy jaunt to Japan. It was an excellent time, and much merriment was had, but there was one particular experience that I am still upset about and will be for a long time. I sat down at my favorite Sega Game Center in Akihabara at the new Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition console ready to enjoy a yet unreleased version of my favorite fighting game. The only space that opened up was fighting against some college kid using Rose (tournament winner last year) with an A+ rating and 25,000+ points. I knew I was about to get into a mess, but I don’t mind losing if it helps me improve my game.


The Sega Game Center is on the left

So, I tried rocking my Ryu and I found out to my dismay that his tatsumaki senpukyakku (tornado whirlwind kick) doesn’t give him enough push to cross over to the other side of the level. This basically means I kept jumping, using the move, and dropping right in front of him like an overweight chicken instead of the intended switch to the other side of the screen.
Talk about a huge letdown. Not only did I get my ass kicked (which I predicted might happen from the get-go) I looked like a noob-sauce while doing it. To be honest, I almost beat the guy in our third match, but he went all Super Saiyan on me in the last fight so I lost 2-3. I need my whirlwind kick-crossover! I really hope they patch it or fix it before US (or console) release for the sake of Ryu’s everywhere.

[[EDIT]] I downloaded the Arcade Edition add-on ($14.99 on the newly reopened PSN store) and I was disappointed to find the change to be a permanent one. I’m still trying to work out my strategy, but hopefully this won’t change the game too much. It’s hard to say since in a serious fighting game, even the smallest tweaks go a long way.

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