This is the beginning of a new campaign setting I’m putting together for my little world. It will be the first piece of development of the Northern Realm, and I gathered inspiration for it from reading through The Hobbit again. It’s been about 10 years since the first time I read it, and it’s a good excuse to stop playing PS3 for a while (stupid Arcade Edition Add-on). I’ll be adding more to this post and adding others while I try to figure out how to organize everyone on the site a little better.


Sun rarely shines in the Northern Realm, especially not during the long, harsh winters whose legendary storms are fierce and destroy anything in their path. Only the mountains are strong enough to survive the frozen wasteland long enough to see the slightly warmer days of spring. A rare form of diamond, known as the Sun Stone, is able to store and emit rays of sunlight. If they absorb enough, they can work as a substitute to the real thing and fulfill the role well enough to sustain gardens and provide enough warmth for life to exist comfortably without ever stepping outside. Through this method, the dwarves of the Northern Mountains cultivated trade posts with travelers daring enough to make their way to the Northern Realm. This is how people were able to survive the winters, and this is why people who call the Northern Realm their home live in settlements underneath the mountains. The largest of the Sun Stones, the Eye of Pelor, stands at the center of the largest settlement, the underground city of Gran Shar.

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