The first entry into the NPC category is Jenn. I originally made Jenn as a character for my wife to play, and she takes on a lot of the her personality quarks and general awesomeness.


Jenn is ethnically Khorpanese, a race of men and women from across the Emerald Sea in the Western Realm. In fact, her Khorpanese name is quite hard to pronounce as the language is kept secret from outsiders. She is a wandering warrior in search of worldly knowledge and excitement. She has been tasked with collecting information on the rest of the world and bringing it back to her homeland where they will use it to educate the future generations of Khorpan.


Jenn is basically an elf of average build and shorter height, only with a tan complexion, black hair, and thin eyes. She dresses in loose-fitting leather armor painted in shades of green with thin, gold patterns etched into it. Her long hair is usually held back or tied up using thin vines. She is usually wearing a thick cloak of dark leaves and prefers to be comfortably warm whenever possible.

Personality and Characteristics

Not really one for a lot of conversation, Jenn prefers to be around people who don’t require too much conversation.. Common speak is not her first-language, so she sometimes has difficulty understanding things when people droll on and on about “their latest near-death experience” and things of the like. She prefers to judge people by their actions more than anything else, so she spends a good deal of time people-watching to determine the quality of people present wherever she may go.

Jenn’s mission was decided for her at an early age. She underwent a strict training program until becoming an adult and is well-versed the ways of battle. Her training and background in history have given her an instinctual understanding of what she needs to catalog versus what she already has knowledge of, although she is slightly resentful of the fact that hers is a job that can never truly be completed. This doesn’t stop her from being ever watchful and observant, soaking in each new experience down to the last detail. She logs all new information in Khorpanese in tomes she keeps in a Bag of Holding hidden in a special compartment at the bottom of her quiver.

Battle Tactics

Jenn is well-trained in the ways of combat, but she often spent long nights practicing her bowmanship. As her master used to say, “There’s just something about the feeling of watching an arrow fly from your fingertips and into the hearts of your foes.” If she can’t help it, Jenn never uses a blade in combat. She doesn’t even carry one. Regardless of the distance from her to her target, she will only fight with bow-and-arrow.

Naturally, she does her best to a good amount of distance from her and her enemies. Having traveled the world for many years now, she has learned that the easiest battle to win is one never fought. Jenn often hides in well-hidden positions and waits until she can get the best possible shot on her prey.

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