Grayden Miller is the leader of a riverside town I created called Miller’s Crossing. I wanted someone with a little history and a sense of gratitude in the position of leadership instead of the standard “Lord Noble from Noble-don”. Miller’s Crossing is a very earthy town with a strong religious presence. Hopefully, Grayden is the perfect leader for it.

Personal Background

Miller’s Crossing became the blossoming establishment and trade town it is today thanks to the assertive nature of Grevlin Miller, a rather straightforward man who preferred honesty to tact. When he was traveling south down the Elder River, he came upon a particularly straight leg of it that went on for a few miles. Something spoke to Grevlin, and coins were in his eyes. Before he could begin using timber from the nearby forest, he had to convince the tribe of wood elves that inhabited it to allow people to settle there. Grevlin struck a very special deal with the tribe of wood elves. In exchange for his service as the forest’s protector in this region, he and others would be allowed to live and conduct trade on the river.

Family Secret

Perhaps an even better part of the deal, Grevlin was allowed to take two Elder trees from the forest each year. The wood of an Elder tree is enchanted and extremely resistant to the elements. It’s strong and pliable, and weapons fashioned from it have been known, when in the hands of strong-willed heroes, to clash with the best blades of steel and iron. Grevlin kept this part of the bargain a secret from everyone except for his own family who have inherited his position, privileges  and responsibilities.

Enter Grayden

The newest heir to the Miller legacy is Grayden, Grevlin’s grandson. Grayden holds his position and his family history in high regard. He is not a warrior as his father and grandfather were, but he is a strong and just leader, nonetheless. He put stringent rules on business and trade to keep the town clean and discourage black market dealings. He welcomes travelers but discourages people from settling in Miller’s Crossing fearing that an increase in population will put too much of a strain on the land’s natural resources. Miller’s Crossing is Grayden’s home, and he always has a good-sized standing army to aid in its defense if need be.

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