I have always wanted to play a Cleric, but I have yet to have the chance. I decided to put some of that ambition to work in the game I’m running right now when I made Mior, a young and inexperienced but courageous Dwarve looking to test his mettle in the world. The gods know the world needs more heroes.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Mior Ironfist has always lived a life devoted to the Hammer. His father Arden Ironfist is a high priest of Moradin and a hero of great renown. Mior grew up hearing tales of great battles with orc hordes and creatures from the Abyss. He marveled at his father’s tales and always secretly hoped that one day he would have the chance to become a great hero himself. Unfortunately, Mior’s life has been one of peace. However, knowing all too well that peace doesn’t last forever, Arden trained Mior from an early age in the ways of battle. Although somewhat inexperienced, Mior is well-prepared for a warrior’s destiny and welcomes any opportunity to fulfill it.


Mior is a young Dwarve with a young Dwarve’s beard. His long, brown hair is kept tidy in a thick braid tied behind his back. He is average height, but a bit stocky even for a Dwarve due to his intense training regimens. Since both his parents are priests, he often wears garments with symbols of Moradin sewn on them, typically along the sleeves. When preparing for battle, he dons a hauberk with a grey and brown robe sporting a large hammer and anvil on it. His steel gauntlets were crafted by his mother’s clan, the Glivers, in their forges beneath the Everwinter Mountains. They are nearly indestructible. A man of faith, Mior is always wearing at least two holy symbols of Moradin blessed with a number of magical properties.


Mior is strong-willed and quick to jump to action. He cares a great deal about his allies, and he always puts himself in harm’s way before letting someone fall in battle. He knows a good amount of useful rituals to aid with combat and healing to prolong the lives of his teammates. Although Mior has put his faith first his entire life, in truth he has a powerful warrior spirit that comes out in battle. He can be a bit rash, but it is always with the best intentions.


If you end up using Mior or any of my other NPCs, please write me a message or leave a comment letting me know what adventures they experience.

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