The most impressive invention that has made my life a better experience has to be electronic ink. Now, if you don’t know what that is, it is a technological advancement in the world of digital literature that has contributed heavily to the popularity of eBooks. There are a number of devices out there that sport the stuff, but my product of choice is Amazon’s Kindle.

Living in a foreign country is a hard enough experience on its own. I am a bit of a pack rat, but I always look for ways to reduce the amount of clutter in my humble abode. My Kindle allows me to have hundreds of books (and other literary works) all crammed into 8.7 handy little ounces. Just buying the thing made me excited to get into reading again! I must admit that I spend most of my time reading fantasy novels and works of humor, but it is still nice to exercise my brain muscle without sitting in front of a TV.

As I previously wrote, I started a regular exercise regimen and I am very happy with my new-found energy. The next healthy addition to my life will be a brain diet of scholarly works. I plan on reading a number of non-fiction works as well as classic literature on a range of topics. I haven’t really decided where to focus my reading efforts yet, but I think it will be easier to get into the swing of this if I start with things I already have an interest in. And, for each book I read, I will type up a 300-word book report that I will post on this site.

You heard it hear first, folks! Wish me luck with my new goal!

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