The picture above is my lovely home gym. Until we save up a little for gym memberships, I’ve been improvising using 2 liter and 1 liter bottles with shopping bags. The notebook counts since that’s how I get my dose of P90X every once in a while. It’s a little awkward sometimes, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

It has been a long, productive week which is odd considering the university I work at actually gave us three days off. School anniversary plus a sports festival or some noise that translates into vacation time, something that would never ever ever happen at the hagwon I used to work at. It’s the little things that remind you how lucky you really are.

I made a plan to spend more time educating myself and less time farting around while I’m at home. It started with this workout challenge business and has progressed to academia. I had a nice talk with my good pal Andrew about trying to find textbooks in ebook form so I could endeavor to do some independent graduate studies. He pointed me in the direction of this lovely post on the Powell’s Books website. It details all the steps one should take to skip out on the graduate school fees and still feel educated, a very Portland idea.

“I just think reading should be free for the homeless.”

As with any graduate studies program, I’m tailoring it a bit but I really like the thought put into the list overall. One of my favorite ideas is setting your browser’s homepage to a random Wikipedia page. It forces me to learn something new every time I open my browser, which in a day is at least half a dozen times. As per the reading requirements, here’s what I’m currently working through:

A book of humor, an autobiography, and a sociological piece; a wide enough variety to keep me reading. I am tackling all three at the same time and I just switch up which one I’m reading every now and then. It keeps things interesting.

It’s Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) weekend and I’m off to spend it with my in-laws. It’s pretty much the same as Thanksgiving in America: go back to your parents’ place, cook and eat lots of food all day, and pass out in afternoon just to wake up at night and eat some more. The biggest difference is it is marked on the lunar calendar which means the holiday days are essentially random each year. This year, for example, two out of three of the mandatory holiday are on the weekend, so we only get Monday off. That part sucks. Other than that, it’s awesome!

I hope all my friends and family in Korea have an excellent Chuseok weekend!

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