This page lists the dedicated attendants and supporters of Queen Phyrra that joined her bodyguards in swearing to protect her and Princess Isilindel. They never imagined how hard upholding their promise would be.

Darwim “Lindley” Lind, the Guard

A rather chubby dwarf that stands about 4’1″ tall, he has a long bushy black beard to match his scraggly black head of hair. His bushy eyebrows and wrinkled brow nearly overshadow his smiling face. His large nose is a bit crooked. He typically wears loose-fitting solid-colored shirts with simple brown or black pants. He always carries a black satchel with him strapped over his left shoulder, and he’s rarely seen without his worn leather slouch hat on.

The Lind clan of dwarves resides in the Rusted Mountains that mark the border between the Eastern and Western Realms.  Darwim grew up learning the standard trades of mining and smithing along with his brothers and sisters, but he relished the chance to meet the travelers who would trade goods to the clan in exchange for supplies. The travelers were always happy to see Darwim and his family, and his father often asked for small trinkets from each trader so he could give them to his children. While most of his siblings were content with life in the mountains, Darwim and one of his younger brothers set out on the road. That was 60 years ago, and though his brother and he long parted ways, they journey home every 5 years to reunite with their old friends and family.

His friendly reputation helped him earn his last job guarding the queen’s stables, a harmless and enjoyable post. The queen always took the time to ask Merlyn and him about their daily lives when she walked about the castle, and Darwim was ready to protect her with his life if need be. After fleeing the kingdom, he changed his name to “Lindley” for the sake of the princess, and for the last 10 years he has been the caravan’s night watchman, a job he takes very seriously.

Kartyr Ek’hur, the Cook

A rugged man who likes to stay well-groomed, he wears a neat 5 o’clock shadow at all times. His square jaw is firmly set in a scowl most of the time, but a closer look reveals smile lines etched into his cheeks. He has a friendly demeanor but does not come off as approachable. He keeps to standard garbs except for when he does what he does best: cook. He dons a spotless white apron whenever he’s in the kitchen.

Cooking has been the Ek’hur family trade for generations, and his father’s talents led to the relocation of the entire family to the safety of the kingdom’s most protected structure, the Palace of the Great Lord, where he served former King Tavarus. Kartyr was one of Queen Phyrra’s attendants at the time of the attempt on her and the princess’s life. Though a dire situation, he was excited for the chance to experience life outside the castle walls. He readily agreed to leace the castle and protect the queen and infant princess. He brought his years of culinary training with him, and the caravan has yet to miss a meal.

Enifily Bannalyth, the Tailor

Being the second cousin of the princess comes with a great deal of pressure. Fortunately for him, Enifily’s family realized early on that he would never become the courageous knight that had dreamt of when he was born. He preferred to bring his elven deftness to the world of fashion design. The thought of a Bannalyth working with haberdashery was appalling at first, but when he demonstrated a natural talent for the trade his parents quickly pushed him to apprentice for the finest tailor in the kingdom. When his cousin Phyrra became queen, she invited him to work directly in the palace, a position he and his family were extremely pleased with. In the wrong place at the wrong time, he was forced to leave his cushy position at the castle when Queen Phyrra was assassinated.

The first year was the worst. Not a day went by when he didn’t curse his circumstance, and he was very vocal about it. It wasn’t until the caravan ran into a sticky situation in which baby Isilindel was held hostage that he realized just how important he and the rest of the group were in protecting his infant cousin’s life. From that point on, he took it upon himself to doll up the princess as best as possible to the chagrin of his comrades. “A traveling merchant girl couldn’t afford such nice things” they’d say. Every once in a while, though, when there is a festival or tournament where the caravan has set up shop, he has stitched together wonderful dresses for Lucinda to parade around in.

He can’t wait to return to the castle, but he’s learned to enjoy life on the road. Enifily keeps a secret travelogue detailing the group’s journey.

Merlyn, the Caretaker

The oldest member of the caravan, Merlyn has been the voice of reason over the course of the journey. His general knowledge of the geography of the land has kept the group and their horses from encountering to too much treachery while they traverse the landscape. Other than the occasional allegory, Merlyn doesn’t speak about his life prior to coming to serve House Bannalyth.

Not overly talkative, he devotes his time to the horses, the wagons, and the carriage that has housed the group throughout their travels. He teaches the princess to love and care for animals and to respect the powers of nature. He is very soft-spoken and never raises his voice in opposition, but that doesn’t stop him from quietly offering sound advice from time to time.

During a recent incident when the caravan encountered a cult dedicated to the fire demon Imix, Merlyn revealed that he could shapeshift into a large and ferocious grizzly bear. After this revelation, everyone realized that there might be more to this kind old man than he is letting on.


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